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Tips to Help You When Buying Sod

A lush green yard is the desire of several homeowners, and the sod you select can help you attain that objective. Laying sod is infinitely simpler than attempting to grow a yard from seed. However, selecting top-quality sod can bring all the difference between an unattractive and an attractive patch of grass straining to survive. Prepare your lawn ahead of time and cautiously examine the sod prior to buying it and you’ll be set to go on your way to making an attractive lawn. Read on to know what to be keen on when buying sod in order to get a high-quality one.

Examine the sod to observe if the soil is rolled on the outer side. The grass ought to be rolled inside so as to protect it until you are prepared to plant it. Do not buy sod in case the grass is rolled to the outer side since it can dry before you plant it.

Measure the width of the sod. Heavy portions of sod ought to be 1 inch on the minimum to have an established root system. Pay attention to the dirt side of the sod in order to see if it has observable and interlocking roots. Choose portions that have dense roots that run along the whole underside of the sod.

Check the grass side of this sod. Look for portions that have bright green edges that are identical in color and that are roughly 2 inches long. Do not consider sod that is brown or yellow since it is not likely to live long enough to take root.

Search for sod that does not have insects or weeds. Sod that has unwanted plants growing amongst the blades can spread them throughout your patio. Inspects can spoil your sod prior to it having a chance to take root.

Check for dampness in the sod. Pass your hand along the underside of the sod to perceive if the soil is wet, which implies that the sod has been receiving water frequently. It is less likely for dried-out sod to take root in your patio.

Tug moderately on the blades to observe whether they arise away from the dirt coat of the sod. Pulling from the dirt effortlessly means that the sod does not have an established root system. Go for portions of sod that have firmly grown grass that does not detach from the soil.

Check how much light your lawn gets. Take a few days to note the amount of sunlight your space receives on a standard day. Sunlight is crucial for any grass; however, some species are more shadow resistant than others. Ask yourself whether your lawn receives full sun, shade, or dappled sun.

How much traffic is there going to be on the grass? Different types hold up better against substantial wear and tear. Ask yourself what you’ll use the space for; picnics and parties, your kid’s play area, putting green, or practising soccer or football. The response to this query will enable you to narrow down your options.

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