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As soon as the threshold is crossed, reminders of the unfolded laundry sit on the dining room table, dishes are piled in the sink, and stacks of bills torture you from the coffee table. At times like this, you realize how decor can impact your life; when your home is messy and frazzled, you often feel the same way.

Feng shui is a Chinese discipline utilized by numerous homeowners to reduce the clutter and improve their home atmosphere by attracting and enhancing life energy (chi). The bagua is a feng shui house map, typically octagonal in shape. One uses it to divide your home or designated space into 9 zones (8 guas wrapping around the center), each corresponding to specific aspects of your life.

To apply the bagua to your home, begin by standing at the front door and facing into your home. Hold the bagua diagram so the grey, black, and blue guas are closest to you. This should make the bottom line of the bagua lay across the front of the home where the door is situated. Irregularly shaped homes can be more difficult to apply the bagua, but have patience and determine the guas as you see fit. It may be best to use blueprints to determine how to divide your home.

Let’s examine each feng shui zone, beginning at the top of the bagua and moving clockwise:

Fame & Reputation – Red (back center of home, 12 o’clock)
When you find yourself needing courage or respect while interacting with specific people, it is time to look at the Fame & Reputation gua. Enhancing this section can help improve how others perceive you:
Items that misrepresent who you are should be removed.
Add items that instill pride, such as diplomas and awards.
Use light and the color red in this gua. A simple candle adds flair and can spark admiration.
Relationships & Love – Pink (back right of home, 1 o’clock)
This gua applies to all relationships, from minor acquaintances to loving marriages. Proper attention to this area is certainly needed when there are struggles to overcome in order to advance a relationship:

Pairs of things symbolize the importance of both players in intimate relationships. For example, two nightstands flanking the bed in a couple’s bedroom symbolically promotes equality, keeping the room and relationship in balance.
An item (or items) with personal meaning attached can consciously be placed in this gua to showcase healthy relationships.
Solitary or lonely images should be avoided as they suggest hostility to new relationships, friendly or otherwise.
Creativity & Children – White (middle right of home, 3 o’clock)
Children are blessed with limitless thinking. Their minds are open to anything because impossibilities do not exist! When your creativity is feeling drained or your children are troubling you, take a look at this gua and see what needs changed:

This gua is a great place to show off those candid shots of children at their best. Photos can be displayed in metal frames to use the feng shui element best for this gua.
Artwork and other inspirational items should be kept in numerous quantities. Do not limit yourself! Remember that what is inspiring is different for everyone.
Keep whatever creative element you love best right at hand. This is the place for clay and plaster, brushes and watercolors, or simply crayons and paper! Take the time to play with these daily, keeping the chi flowing in this gua.
Helpful People & Travel – Grey/Silver (front right of home, 5 o’clock)
When life is out of balance everything feels like an uphill struggle. If you are in need of help and fair treatment, come to this gua to see what can be done:

Angelic symbols are often found here to bring miraculous help when needed most.
Reminders of the helpful people currently in your life will overshadow those that are missing momentarily. Show you are thankful for what you have, and what you need is sure to follow.
Career & Life Path – Black (front center/entry of home, 6 o’clock)
This gua is especially helpful when you need new opportunities brought your way. Job hunting, stagnant business, and raises are often what bring people to focus on this area:

Water, mirrors, and the color black are all great to utilize in this gua. Each has their own power to promote flow of chi.
Check your front door to see what shape it is in. If it sticks or is unused it can reflect onto you. Keep it unblocked by objects, and open it occasionally to allow new chi into the home.
When in the office, sit with your back to a strong wall. If this isn’t possible, make sure your chair is sturdy and supportive. With strength and support, productivity is not an issue in any aspect of life.

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