What are the differences in Gen Z vs. millennials?

Gen Zers and millennials have similar qualities, but there are key differences that affect the way they do their jobs.

Gen Z values stability over risk.
Both Generation Z and millennials value their independence, but Gen Z favors a more subtle approach. Instead of joining a startup or launching their own businesses, Gen Zers generally prefer to work at companies that will help them advance their careers.

“[Gen Zers] are the largest group of unemployed [workers] of all generations,” Wright said. “Millennials want purpose and a voice; Gen Z really want practical skills. They can’t afford not to be practical.”

Gen Z is even more tech savvy.
Millennials workers may not have been born joined at the hip with technology, but they do appreciate companies that embrace smartphones, cloud-based computing and collaboration apps. The digital-native Gen Zers, on the other hand, expect it. Many of them don’t even remember life before Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok.

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“If you ask Gen Z how to change a tire on a car, they are more likely to pop into a YouTube video and bring the screen out to the car,” said Jaime Klein, CEO of Inspire Human Resources. “This is a generation that takes great signals from emojis.”

Gen Zers aren’t afraid to fail.
Millennials have a reputation as the trophy generation that grew up with rewards for even a little effort. That’s not the case for Gen Z. They have seen their parents struggle and recover, and they understand that failure isn’t the end. According to an EY survey of Gen Zers, 80% view failure as a way to be more innovative.

Key takeaway: Generation Z and millennials are both independent, but Gen Zers want to grow with a company that can give them stability. They aren’t afraid to fail and are more tech savvy than millennials.

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