How to Build a Support Network

Surrounding yourself with people who genuinely care about your well-being is crucial for getting back on your feet and moving on. “Appreciate the value of relationships and build them when you need them the least,” said Seth. According to Seth, friends and family, who can provide support, offer unbiased advice, root for your success, and offer honest feedback, keep you grounded in the face of adversity. “I cannot imagine a better antidote to setbacks,” added Seth.

Just as a tight circle of friends and family helps center your personal life, a solid network of business resources, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs can help get your professional life back on track when you are ready to start again. Ellis recommends joining a co-working group or a networking organization as well as tapping into national organizations such as SCORE, the Small Business Administration, the National Association of Women Business Owners and others.

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Ellis said, “Once you begin thinking and surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs, the sky is the limit. The resources you need will find you; that’s just how it works.” She added, “Don’t forget to leverage your state and local economic developers who are more than willing to look at your business and troubleshoot barriers as well as help scale your business once it’s off the ground.”

Keisha A. Rivers, founder and chief outcome facilitator of The KARS Group, acknowledges that her first business venture failed due in part to her lack of connection to key professional resources. “Having a support system of other entrepreneurs who have grown successful ventures and finding a mentor would have possibly prevented a lot of the issues that I created, because I was operating in a vacuum,” said Rivers.

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